The Principles of Growth-Sinerama’s Formula:

Within the body are little factories and warehouses known as glands, and within these glands are produced the most important element of starting to grow again.  The most important of these is the pituitary gland, located deep within your brain.  This powerful little machine produces a mere 7/10thmg of the vital hormone used to fuel your bodies growth each day once you’ve passed through adolescence, and it’s here that the secret of remarkable new growth exists.

Let It Work While You Sleep

Unknown to most is the simple fact that your body does its best growing while conserving energy during sleep.  During this stationary period you’re using less energy, and you’re unlikely to move or cause further damage, making it the best time for your body to start adding on new inches.  Fully half of the growth hormone your body produces is created while you sleep, so making sure you get enough sleep is vital to a successful growth regimen.  

Build Height While Building Muscle

The importance of exercise to a healthy growing body can’t be overstated, so once you’re well rested for a  new sleep routine, make sure you’re getting out and exercising every chance you get.  The more work you do with your body, the more encouraged it’ll be to help you add real new height.  Research has shown that there are certain types of exercise that’ll encourage your body to build new bone and muscle, and help to provide the flexibility of motion that will support a healthy spine.  As mentioned, a healthy spine is one of the most important steps in gaining height.

Amino Acids Are the Key

We hear about these every day, especially in those arena’s that are closely tied to talking about health, but most people don’t know what they do or how important they really are.  Amino Acids are the very building blocks of life, and as such, of health and athleticism. It should come as no surprise that without a healthy balance and abundance of these in your system, you’re not really going to be able to experience the extent of what your body has to offer.  Growth-Sinerama is a great source of these important chemicals.

Health Benefits for the Whole Body

In order to get your body working right, you’ve got to have all the bit and pieces in place.  Reaching your maximum height potential requires paying attention to this vital truth.  Thankfully, Growth-Sinerama has everything you need for your body to reach the absolute peak of its performance.  When you start using this amazing new health supplement, you’ll feel better, look better, and rest better, all with enhanced energy and stamina to back it up.  Gaining Inches is just the beginning!

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Years of comprehensive research on the link between height and the effects it has on your psychology have shown one thing very clearly.  Just the addition of a few inches can result in a powerful and palpable change to your confidence, leading to successes in business and relationships.  Just being a few inches taller can completely change the game by having people perceive you as more competent, more attractive, and more dominant than ever.  Growth-Sinerama isn’t just a link to gaining inches of height, it can lay the path to a completely different life!

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