Coming in First in Health Supplements: It’s Growth Sinerama

In a marketplace full of empty promises and products that fail to live up to your expectations, Growth-Sinerama comes on the scene for a real solution to a real problem.  It doesn’t take make looking around to determine that the health industry is just full of charlatans and fools, but Growth-Sinerama has a time tested reputation that proves it’s here to make a difference.

What Sets Us Apart?

   This is an understandable question, and one
we’re all too prepared to answer.  What sets us apart
is a veracity and pride unmatched by other companies.
We knew that there wasn’t any form of integrity in the
market, and plenty of customers who wanted nothing
more than to come out from the shade of their taller friends. 

   Into this world stepped our team of researchers and
scientists, putting in the time and effort to suss out the
failings in ancient herbal legends, and the truths that could be
revealed by modern science.  In the joining of these two
areas came the solution, Growth-Sinerama, a product that
is made from 100% botanical ingredients and has been
receiving rave reviews since the first time
it got into a customer’s hands.

The Secret Ingredients of Success:

Carob Flour – Long renowned for its excellent taste and ability to stand in for chocolate amongst those looking for a healthier alternative, Carob Flour is an absolute powerhouse of health benefits.  Known to help control and reduce blood sugar, an important part of successful bone growth, Carob Flour will help you start getting inches right away.  Remember that protein is incredibly important to healthy growth, and that’s one more reason Carob Flour is formula 1.

Wheat Flour – In a world where people are constantly worrying about what’s gluten free, Wheat Flour has gotten something of a bad rap.  This is incredibly unfortunate as it’s the source of a number of amazing and proven medical benefits.  Today’s unhealthy lifestyles have led to massive imbalances in people’s metabolisms, and wheat has been a proven element in helping to settle these irregularities out.  Even better, it is a source of important vitamins and minerals vital to the body’s growth.

Rye Flour – “Want some Rye? Course ya do!” has there ever been a more important question? Not if you’re looking to gain inches of growth and a healthy body ready to face the rigors of life.  Synergizing with Carob Flour, Oat Flour will help you stabilize and manage your blood sugar, all while providing the building blocks for new bone.  Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorous are vital for your bodies healthy functioning, and especially for gaining height.

Oat Flour – Of the three grain flours contained in this product, Oat Flour is the one specifically targeted at repairing damage already done and preventing more.  Oat Flour has been shown as an excellent ingredient in any osteoporosis fighting formula, a disease known for carving holes in your bones as it leaches out vital elements.

Powdered Milk – Milk does a body good right?  Well, powdered milk has been included in this mix to bolster the amount of calcium found in the mix.  With a host of vitamins known for helping the body make use of calcium and other minerals, powdered milk is the key to how this powerful little mix does its job. 

Cinnamon Powder – Not just for toast anymore!  Cinnamon is a powerful blood sugar stabilizer, and has been used successfully in the treatment of diabetes as a result.  Remember, bones like to grow in an environment that isn’t loaded with sugar, so cinnamon will help you out!

And much more special  secret Growth-Sinerama herbal ingredients to help you grow taller !

Adolescence Isn’t The End!

   Don’t believe the stories that you can’t keep gaining height once Adolescence has come and gone.  The body maintains the ability to grow and repair itself throughout your life, if you just have the right tools and materials to make it happen.  Anyone between the age of 18 and 60 will be able to experience the benefits of stimulated growth centers, all with Growth-Sinerama health booster.

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